Call 02394 005000 between 10 am and 8pm 

Let's Help Each Other Avoid Loneliness

Hayling Helpers has set up a "Chatterbox Line" to allow you to have a chat over a cup of tea with somebody else on the Island. 

If you're missing chatting with your friends and wanting to hear somebody else's voice or talk to another human being about whatever's on your mind, then call 02394 005000 between 10 am and 8pm to speak with one of our team and we'll link you up with one of our volunteer "chatterboxes" so that you can receive phone calls from that volunteer at times that you agree upon.

Please note that this is not a support line. 

If you  think that you might need expert help with some of the challenges that you are facing then click here for that level of support.

But if you fancy having a natter with somebody about random things then give us a call and we'll link you with one of our chatterboxes!